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The Scope Clamp
Goes Where Tripods Can't
The Scope Clamp operates just like a camera tripod in that it will tilt, swivel, rotate, and pan, but does away with the weight, bulk and legs. It sets up or moves in just seconds, and is stable, secure, and weighs about 10 ounces.  It's perfect in box blinds or shooting houses, at the shooting bench, or on your truck window.  Use it with your spotting scope, video camera, DSLR, rangefinder or point and shoot camera.
The Scope Clamp is ideal for shooting video of your hunt.  Just set it up on your target and you're hands-free to take a shot or coach that young or first-time hunter.  Set it up around the campfire and capture some priceless conversations you'll enjoy for years.  You can even get in the action yourself.  It's also great for shooting the kids in baseball or soccer games and at parties.
We offer two models - the Sportsman, great for most video and camera work, and spotting scopes up through 60mm objective lens size, and the Professional for large spotting scopes or cameras, for heavy duty applications, or for the guide or serious hunter.
Ask about package pricing when you buy your spotting scope from us!
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Professional Model Sportsman Model 4 1/2 Inch Riser
Professional Model
Sale Price: $115.00
Sportsman Model
Sale Price: $64.95
4 1/2 Inch Riser
Sale Price: $10.00
The Professional Model
This is a unit designed to take the punishment of constant, hard use that will be encountered with the military, police, swat, guides and game wardens as well as serious, season-long hunters and birders. It incorporates a heavy duty 2" clamp and utilizes a much more robust ballhead assembly, of our own design, for longer life and smoother operation. It's manufactured right here in Texas, and all ballhead components are CNC machined from stainless steel and aluminum for years of service and no corrosion. If you live with your spotting scope by your side, or you've made a serious investment in optics, this is the model for you.
The Sportsman Model

Our Sportsman model is designed for most hunters and photographers. It provides the features needed to use all your optical equipment in the field, at an affordable price, without sacrificing speed, strength or versatility. Simply clamp it to a board, rail, tree limb, car window or any solid object and you're ready for action. All ballhead parts are CNC machined for smooth operation and the Sportsman model now comes with an improved, stronger clamp. Ideal for spotting scopes through 60mm objective lens size or most popular video and still cameras. Works great with most trail cameras (look for a tripod mount on your camera). It provides you with steady video - hands-free!
The 4 1/2 Inch Riser
This accessory raises the height of your optical device 4 1/2 inches from the standard height. Simply screw the riser in between your Clamp and optics. Great for the shooting bench, and allows the use of your video camera from your vehicle side window. It is light weight and CNC machined for a precise fit. Use with all models of the Scope Clamp.