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Trophy Tools was started in 2002 as a means to market a new invention of our owner, Lon Krieger.  The Scope Clamp came about - like so many inventions - out of necessity.  Lon was running a high-end hunting operation in the South Texas Brush country on a 16,000 acre ranch and the use of spotting scopes was mandated by the ranch owner.  Camera tripods just didn't provide the versatility needed, so Lon created the Scope Clamp, and that solved all the problems.  Lon made one for each guide on the ranch - then hunting clients started asking for Lon to make one for them.  Finally, the decision was made to make one for everybody that wanted one - and Trophy Tools was formed.
Since then, we've added the Vortex and Alpen lines of optics because of their outstanding quality and value.  Other products are evaluated and added if found worthy, such as the binocular harness strap invented by Crooked Horn Outfitters (and offered by most binocular companies under their individual logos, like we do).  We try to use as many of our products in the field as we can so we can give you an honest opinion of their characteristics.  Nothing is perfect, so let's discuss the good and the bad and see if it will fit your needs.  Also, these days the optics companies are bringing out many "new features" that are of dubious benefits in our opinion, such as some of the reticles in riflescopes.  Hunters normally have no use for rangefinding reticles, which literally require the use of a calculator, when they rarely shoot beyond 300 yards, and a laser rangefinder is so quick, easy and exact.  If you have any questions, please ask us - we'll be glad to offer our ideas and opinions on the subject.
In addition to guiding and outfitting, Lon is a field shooting instructor specializing in big game and safari shooting skills, and authors an optics column monthly for the Dallas Safari Club.  He's hunted three continents and has decades of experience using gear in the field.  Let us use this experience to help you find the right tool for your job.